Alumni Recruitment and Engagement

"I am JA" Alumni Documentaries

In anticipation of JA's Centennial, we've been releasing stories of JA alumni, many in video format. These videos form the backbone of the "I am JA" campaign during the Centennial, with crowdsourced videos from alumni being added throughout the 18-month-long celebration.

"I am JA" Campaign

The "I am JA" logo, part of the alumni-recruitment and engagement campaign for the Centennial, is available. Download a zip file of the logos.

Also review ideas for alumni engagement with the "I am JA" campaign (note that an older version of the "I am JA" logo is shown in these documents and in these ideas and guidelines for organizing an effective alumni coffee talk).

Currently in development are "I am JA" campaign brand guidelines, which will likely include the following:

The basics: get to know the campaign

  • Introduction of the campaign

  • The vision and strategy

  • Storytelling

Core brand assets: how to apply the visual elements of the campaign

  • I am JA logo – different versions + examples / requirements of use

  • Color scheme

  • Typeface (font)

  • Other visual elements (badges, custom frames etc) + examples / requirements of use

  • Photo / video visual guidelines + examples / requirements of use

Brand tools: all you need to make it happen

  • Design activations (examples of usage on different mediums – rollups, business cards, booklets, social media posts, videos etc)

  • Do's and Don’ts – simple visual examples of good and bad usage of the I am JA campaign identity