Human Capital

"Support human capital to accelerate sustainable growth" is one of JA Worldwide's four global priority for 2017–2022. As such, you'll see this page grow with resources for support the staff of regional operating centers, member countries, and local areas. To be alerted when new resources are added, sign up for the OneJA newsletter (at the bottom of this page), which will feature a monthly update on changes to this site, along with the news from around the world we've been serving up for the last two years.

JA Worldwide Fellows Program

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Through the launch of the JA Worldwide Fellows Program, six high-potential JA leaders will deepen their leadership, mentorship, and strategic skills over 18 months, beginning in March 2018. Our global fellows training program will include:

  • An all-expense-paid trip to the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, with training and networking included
  • A week-long leadership development experience at the Global Institute for Leadership Development in California
  • Leadership of a global initiative, collaborating directly with JA Worldwide leaders, Board of Governors, and external experts
  • Membership in an elite pool of high-potential leaders across the globe

If interested, your first step is to complete this form by December 22. Qualified candidates will then be asked to complete a more detailed application, beginning in early January.

JA Staff/Board Onboarding Tool

The number-one request when asked how we can align the network? An onboarding tool for new staff and board members! Now, thanks to input from around the network, the JA Staff/Board Onboarding Tool is ready for four months of beta testing.

This tool contains fixed elements that are consistent across the network, flexible elements that can be customized, and freestyle opportunities for unique content. If you're ready to sign up to be on the beta team, all we ask is that you use the tool to onboard at least one new staff or board member, and then complete a detailed survey

Download the JA Staff Onboarding Tool

Download the JA Board Onboarding Tool


The Coaching Habit

Michael Bungay Stanier, Senior Partner at Box of Crayons, former Rhodes Scholar, and one of the top management coaches in the world, joined us at GLC 2017 to teach practical ways to bring coaching into your day-to-day operations and increase the effectiveness of you and your team, based on his program, called The Coaching Habit. Watch the video on the left, and check out Michael's website for more information.

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