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"Support human capital to accelerate sustainable growth" is one of JA Worldwide's four global priorities for 2017–2022. As such, you'll see this page grow with resources for support the staff of regional operating centers, member countries, and local areas. To be alerted when new resources are added, sign up for the OneJA newsletter (at the bottom of this page), which will feature a monthly update on changes to this site, along with the news from around the world we've been serving up for the last two years.

JA Worldwide Fellows Program

The deadline has passed for applications to the 2018 JA Worldwide Fellows Program. Fifty applicants were culled to twenty; from that list, six high-potential JA leaders will spend 18 months deepening their leadership, mentorship, and strategic skills.

The JA Worldwide Fellows Program includes travel to conferences and workshops, leadership of a global initiative while working in tandem with JA Worldwide and regional operating center senior staff, and membership in an elite pool of high-potential leaders across the globe. Take a look at the list of JA Worldwide Fellows Program projects as you consider whether to apply in the future.

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JA Global Fellows FAQs

Why is the JA Worldwide Fellows Program a JA Worldwide priority?

As the result of global participation in the JA Worldwide strategic planning process, entitled “Raising Aspirations,” it became clear that investing in a human-capital strategy was a priority for all of the JA network, particularly with regard to enabling JA’s growth. A People Development Committee was created within the JA Worldwide Board of Governors. This committee has worked in partnership with staff and external partners to focus our short- and medium-term efforts. In the short term, our focus is on three initiatives:

  • JA Worldwide and regional operating centers: Executive coaching and 360 reviews to deepen alignment and cultivate talent.
  • High-potential global leaders: This is the JA Worldwide Fellows Program, starting initially with a cohort of six leaders selected from member nations.
  • All JA CEOs across the globe: Leadership-development workshops and coaching. This will be delivered at a regional level with world-class executive coaches as speakers for regional trainings and at the global level at events such as the biennial Global Leadership Conference.

Are JA Worldwide Fellows from every country?

Our aspiration is to select JA Worldwide Fellows from everywhere. However, we are selecting only six for the 2018 calendar year, due to budget limitations and the need to roll out this program gradually. There is no priority country or region. At this time, this program is focused on staff from national offices and sub-national offices, not from regional operating centers (ROCs), in order to provide more connectivity among staff that are working closely with the youth population. Exceptions are possible, but we are encouraging applications from leaders who have not previously participated in leadership-development opportunities.

Are there any minimum requirements to be a JA Worldwide Fellow?

The selection process will be highly selective. However, the minimum requirements to make an application are simple:

  • You must have been employed by JA for a minimum of three consecutive years as of January 1, 2018.
  • You MUST be able to attend the Dubai Global Education and Skills Forum from March 17–19, 2018, as well as a leadership training program from September 30–October 5, 2018, in Palm Desert, California. Your travel and lodging expenses will be paid for both of these events.

You do not need to have a specific role at your JA location to qualify to be a JA Worldwide Fellow.

What projects will JA Worldwide Fellows work on?

There are nine projects to choose from. Each JA Worldwide Fellow will have his or her choice of a single project from the following list:

  • JA Global Youth Forum and Spring/Summer Camp Strategy Project
  • Pilot Program for Augmented and Virtual Reality Project
  • Define and Execute Leadership Development and Onboarding Project
  • Proposal-Writing Knowledge Management Project
  • JA Centennial Archives Project
  • UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development Project
  • Global impact Measurement Project
  • Small and Mighty Nations Project
  • Growth via Sub-Licensing Project

All projects will be 12–18 months in length and will be both strategic and tactical (you will be devising the strategy, and then implementing it). All projects are strategic priorities for JA Worldwide and/or the regional operating centers.

Do I have to find budget to participate as a JA Worldwide Fellow?

No. Participation and expenses are covered. However, if you fail to attend any mandatory trainings, you will be billed directly for their cost. In addition, we expect that projects will require approximately ten hours per month to execute, and you will need consent from your manager or board to participate in this program once you are selected for the second phase of the application process. You do not need to seek consent for the first phase of the application process.

Can I choose a strategic project not on the list to work on for the duration of the program?

No. Projects have been selected by an extensive community of stakeholders and are critical to maximizing JA Worldwide’s impact.

Will this lead to a new job at JA Worldwide or at a regional operating center?

No, this is not a program for people looking to leave their current role. This is a development program that allows you to become more effective in your current role and more connected to the JA network.

What are the benefits of being a JA Worldwide Fellow?

While it is an honor to be selected for a leadership development program for high potential staff, there are additional concrete benefits:

  • All-expense-paid trip to the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, with training and networking included
  • All-expense-paid trip to a five-day experience in California at the Global Institute for Leadership Development
  • Leadership of a global initiative, with the opportunity to collaborate directly with JA Worldwide leaders, the JA Worldwide Board of Governors, and external experts
  • Membership in an elite pool of high-potential leaders across the globe

JA Staff/Board Onboarding Tool

The number-one request when asked how we can align the network? An onboarding tool for new staff and board members! Now, thanks to input from around the network, the JA Staff/Board Onboarding Tool is ready for beta testing and for you to complete a survey after you've used it.

Download the JA STAFF Onboarding Tool

Download the JA BOARD Onboarding Tool

The Coaching Habit

Michael Bungay Stanier, Senior Partner at Box of Crayons, former Rhodes Scholar, and one of the top management coaches in the world, joined us at GLC 2017 to teach practical ways to bring coaching into your day-to-day operations and increase the effectiveness of you and your team, based on his program, called The Coaching Habit. Watch the video on the left, and check out Michael's website for more information.