JA Merchandise Group-Buy Survey

Did you order Centennial merchandise through the group-buy website? If not, did you have something else in mind? We want to hear from you! The merchandise group buy provides network-wide savings, and we want to continue to offer similar opportunities. How did you use the products? Did the process meet your expectations? What about the quality? The information you provide will help us offer products that meet your interests and improve the group-buy process. Please answer the following questions based on your experiences.

1) Did you participate in the JA merchandise group buy? *
2) How have you used (or intend to use) the JA 100 merchandise you purchased? (Check all that apply.) *
3) Did the ordering process meet your expectations?
4) Did the price for the value of the merchandise meet your expectations?
5) Did the quality meet your expectations?
6) Did the shipping/arrival date meet your expectations?
7) Would you like to purchase more JA 100 merchandise? *
8) Would you like to purchase JA-branded merchandise after the Centennial in a similar group buy? *
10) When would you like to purchase additional merchandise??