Updates to this website:

  • Operations: Added this section, which includes downloadable versions of the JA Member Agreement and JA Policies and Procedures, the current list of Members in Good Standing (updated quarterly), a listing of the JA Member Council, and more.
  • Overall: Reconfigured the entire site to allow URLs to send users to a particular part of a section. This will eliminate users have to scroll through long sections.

March '18

January '18

  • Human Capital: We added information, a sign-up form, and FAQs about the newly launched JA Worldwide Fellows Program. 
  • Human Capital: We added a survey for your experiences with the JA Onboarding Tool beta-test. We're looking forward to hearing your feedback through January 15, 2018.

Nov/Dec '17: 

  • Marketing/Branding: Added links to the JA More than Money toolkit and collateral; deleted materials for The Business of Fun contest.

Sept/Oct '17: 

August '17:

  • Alumni: Added video from the Alumni Engagement Panel at GLC.
  • Centennial: Added video from GLC about the Global Centennial Update.
  • GLC 2017: Uploaded professional videos of each GLC session; added the JA USA service awards.
  • Impact: Added background information and a video on the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP).
  • Marketing/Branding: Imported all content from Brand Central to OneJA; corrected error in JA-Citi 30 year campaign materials; added links to Business of Fun contest materials.
  • Strategic PlanAdded GLC video of the Global Strategic Update and Strategic Plan Panel (featuring the head of each regional operating center) to the section.
  • Overall: The site now requires login; added simple navigation to bottom of each page; changed main menu to read "Sections" instead of "Topics" and listed each section alphabetically as a drop-down menu.

July '17:

Completed initial populating of OneJA website. As we continue adding and refining content, updates will appear here and as a reoccuring article in the OneJA newsletter (sign up, below).