In this section, you'll find a current listing of the JA Member Council, the JA Member Agreement, a current list of member countries not in good standing (updated quarterly), a document outlining network policies and procedures, and sample contract templates. 

JA Member Council

JA Member Council are voted into their positions by their peers, as they represent all the member countries in our network. The current JA Member Council includes:

  • Africa: Mauritius (Michele Lionnet); Senegal (Fatou Samb)
  • Americas: Peru (Carla Muniz); Dominican Republic (Cesar Asiatico)
  • Asia Pacific: Singapore (Hau Yee Ng); Japan (Yoriko Kuroki)
  • Europe: Sweden (Cecelia Nykvist ); Greece (Argiris Tzikopoulos)
  • Middle East & North Africa: Egypt (Dina Mofty);  Kuwait (Rana Al Nibari)
  • USA: Jack Kosakowski, Buzzy Thibodeaux

JA Member Documents

Each local JA entity operates independently, with its own fiduciary board, yet is part of a global family of members linked by a common mission, Member Agreement, and Policies and Procedures. 

Download the JA Member Agreement (PDF) | Download JA Policies and Procedures (PDF)

JA Members in Good Standing

We are pleased to share the JA Worldwide Member in Good Standing Status for the period August 1, 2018–October 31, 2018. Congratulations to all members who have met the good standing criteria and extra special recognition to those members who have consistently maintained this standing. For the quarter, there are two member-countries not in good standing, a decrease of one since last quarter.  We are very pleased to report that Cayman Islands is now back in good standing and wish them continued success.  The lack of submitting audit reports and non-payment of member fees caused the two countries to be not in good standing.


As a reminder, those identified as a “Member in Good Standing” are afforded a variety of privileges and opportunities not available to those who do not meet those minimum requirements as provided for in the Member Agreement. A few of these member privileges include pass-through funding, access to JA programs, and attendance at regional and global events and conferences. “Inactive” is a status which covers those JA organizations that are not currently operating with a long-term plan, are under discussion for restart, or in the process of a formal shutdown. As of this quarter, one member is listed as inactive, that being JA St. Kitts and Nevis.

There are three reasons why a member is designated as a Member Not in Good Standing: 

  • Non-payment of the member fee

  • Lack of audited financial statements

  • Failure to submit data in the Hewitt system as part of the annual reporting process

In many of these cases, funding and operational continuity have been a challenge and the respective ROCs are working with these members to restore them to good standing.  Included in the attachments to this note, is the criteria for being a member in good standing, as well as the Member Agreement and Policies and Procedures that all members have signed and honor. Please take the time to re-familiarize yourself with these tenets and let us know if you have questions.

For a member country that has been in Not in Good Standing for three consecutive quarters, an informal review will be initiated by the respective ROC. Formal reviews, to facilitate closure of gaps or possible termination of the Member Agreement, follow an Informal review, if needed.  We want to thank the Member Council representatives for their support and their willingness to step up and participate in Formal Reviews when needed. 

Our thanks also go to ROC staff and Joe Tortora, who work closely with member countries to prepare this report. Please contact your regional CEO or Joe if you have questions regarding your status or have suggestions to make the report more helpful.

There are few global organizations that are transforming the lives of young people as profoundly as JA. Through collaborations, partnerships and a lot of passion and grit, we are activating youth for the future of jobs. Thank you and your teams for all you do for JA and the young people we serve!

Contract Templates

Partnerships that grow our reach often require legal tools to ensure a smooth relationships. Below, you'll find an example memorandum of agreement and an example non-disclosure agreement. These documents are meant to serve as examples only; the language in this document should be reviewed to ensure it complies with your local and national laws. (The content of these documents are based on U.S. law. Certain terms and conditions may not apply in your legal jurisdiction.)

Download JA Memorandum of Agreement example (Word doc) | Download JA Non-Disclosure Agreement example (Word doc)