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Welcome to the Development | Fundraising section of OneJA, where we share helpful tools. Before we get started, some additional development materials are available in other sections of this site or on other websites:

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Funded Campaigns and Contests

This section gives you information and toolkits about campaigns and contests that come from a partnership with a JA funder. Be sure to also check out non-funded campaigns and contests in the Marketing section of this site.

SABIC Partnership Toolkit

SABIC and JA Worldwide are investing in communities and changing lives locally through a global strategic partnership, aiming to reach 11,000 students in 22 countries across six regions. We’ve created a toolkit, with the following collateral:

  • An infographic to use on your website and/or social media

  • An infovideo/slideshow of the same content

  • Three social-media graphics that were pulled from the infographic: here, here, and here

  • Sample social-media posts for you to customize; three hashtags make it easy for SABIC volunteers, JA staff, and JA students to share ideas and stories of how they’re making life better in their communities: #SABICglobalinitiative #EducationandInnovation #LightsofOurFuture

  • The social-media handles of all the JA member countries and ROCs who are working with SABIC (you’re strongly encouraged to tag one or two other JA locations each time you post about the initiative)

  • A PowerPoint template for you to populate with your content, if you need it

  • Design files if you need to translate, want to swap out your logo for JA Worldwide’s, etc.

Questions? Contact Carolyn Bassett, Vice President Global Development, at or +1 857-206-4578.